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本文來源:濟南泰晟升降機械有限公司 瀏覽: 發布日期:2020/1/1 10:26:21


新華社記者 鞠鵬 攝


2020年就要到了,我在首都北京向大家送上新年的美好祝福!The year 2020 is arriving. From China's capital Beijing, I would like to extend my New Year wishes to you all!

2019年,我們用汗水澆灌收獲,以實干篤定前行。高質量發展平穩推進,我國國內生產總值預計將接近100萬億元人民幣、人均將邁上1萬美元的臺階。三大攻堅戰取得關鍵進展。京津冀協同發展、長江經濟帶發展、粵港澳大灣區建設、長三角一體化發展按下快進鍵,黃河流域生態保護和高質量發展成為國家戰略。全國將有340個左右貧困縣摘帽、1000多萬人實現脫貧。嫦娥四號在人類歷史上第一次登陸月球背面,長征五號遙三運載火箭成功發射,雪龍2號首航南極,北斗導航全球組網進入沖刺期,5G商用加速推出,北京大興國際機場“鳳凰展翅”……這些成就凝結著新時代奮斗者的心血和汗水,彰顯了不同凡響的中國風采、中國力量。In 2019, we sweated and we toiled as we pressed ahead with concrete efforts for achievements. Thanks to our steady pursuit of high-quality development, China's GDP is expected to edge close to 100 trillion yuan with the per capita figure reaching the level of 10,000 US dollars. Significant breakthroughs have been achieved in three tough battles. Coordinated development in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and the Yangtze River Delta, all accelerated. Ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin have become national strategies. About 340 impoverished counties and more than 10 million people have been lifted out of poverty. Our lunar probe Chang'e-4, for the first time in human history, landed on the far side of the moon; the Long March-5 Y3 rocket was successfully launched; the Xuelong 2 icebreaker set sail on its maiden voyage to the Antarctic; the construction of the global network of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is sprinting towards the finish line; the commercial application of 5G technology is accelerating; the Beijing Daxing International Airport spread its wings like a phoenix… all these achievements are the result of the efforts and sweat of those who strive in the new era, and they demonstrate extraordinary Chinese splendor and Chinese strength.

一年來,改革開放不斷催生發展活力。黨和國家機構改革圓滿完成。增設一批自由貿易試驗區和上海自由貿易試驗區新片區??苿摪屙樌麊油七M。減稅降費總額超過2萬億元。個人所得稅起征點提高了,老百姓常用的許多藥品降價了,網絡提速降費使刷屏更快了,垃圾分類引領著低碳生活新時尚?!盎鶎訙p負年”讓基層干部輕裝上陣。放眼神州大地,處處都有新變化新氣象。Over the past year, reform and opening-up has continuously generated vigor for development. The reform of Party and government institutions has been successfully completed. We have set up another batch of pilot free trade zones, and expanded the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. The Science and Technology Innovation Board was launched smoothly. We have cut taxes and fees by more than 2 trillion yuan, and raised the individual income tax threshold. Many types of commonly-used medicines have seen their prices drop, while cheaper and faster internet connection has enabled faster flow of information. Garbage sorting is leading the new trend of a low-carbon lifestyle. This year we have also streamlined the work of officials at the grassroots level. New changes are taking place everywhere and the country is taking on a fresh look.

一年來,國防和軍隊改革扎實推進,人民軍隊展現出新時代強軍風貌。我們進行國慶大閱兵,舉行海軍、空軍成立70周年慶?;顒?,舉辦第七屆世界軍人運動會。首艘國產航母正式列裝。人民子弟兵永遠是保衛祖國的鋼鐵長城,讓我們向守護家園的忠誠衛士們致敬!Over the past year, we have steadily pushed forward reforms in our national defense and military systems. The armed forces have taken on a new look of a strong army in the new era. We held a grand military parade on National Day, celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Navy and the Air Force, and also hosted the 7th Military World Games. The country's first self-developed aircraft carrier was commissioned. The people's army will always serve as a great wall of steel that guards our motherland. Let's salute those loyal soldiers who safeguard our home.

2019年,最難忘的是隆重慶祝新中國成立70周年。我們為共和國70年的輝煌成就喝彩,被愛國主義的硬核力量震撼。閱兵方陣威武雄壯,群眾游行激情飛揚,天安門廣場成了歡樂的海洋。大江南北披上紅色盛裝,人們臉上洋溢著自豪的笑容,《我和我的祖國》在大街小巷傳唱。愛國主義情感讓我們熱淚盈眶,愛國主義精神構筑起民族的脊梁。這一切,匯聚成禮贊新中國、奮斗新時代的前進洪流,給我們增添了無窮力量。The most memorable moment of 2019 was the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. We cheered for the glorious achievements the People’s Republic has made over the past 70 years, and were overwhelmed by the sheer force of patriotism. The formations during the military parade were powerful, and the mass pageant thrilling. Tiananmen Square was turned into a sea of happiness. All of China was arrayed in red with proud smiles on all faces as the song "My Motherland and I" played throughout the streets and alleys. Patriotic feelings brought tears to our eyes, and patriotic spirit forms the backbone of the Chinese nation. All these merge into a surging current that sings an ode to New China and inspires us to work harder in the new era, filling us with boundless energy.

一年來,我去了不少地方。雄安新區畫卷徐徐鋪展,天津港蓬勃興盛,北京城市副中心生機勃發,內蒙古大草原壯美亮麗,河西走廊穿越千年、歷久彌新,九曲黃河天高水闊、雄渾安瀾,黃浦江兩岸物阜民豐、流光溢彩……祖國各地一派欣欣向榮的景象。我沿著中國革命的征程砥礪初心。從江西于都紅軍長征集結出發地到河南新縣鄂豫皖蘇區首府革命博物館,從甘肅高臺西路軍紀念碑到北京香山革命紀念地,每個地方都讓我思緒萬千,初心和使命是我們走好新時代長征路的不竭動力。Over the past year, I have visited many places. Construction of Xiong'an New Area is progressing, Tianjin Port is booming, Beijing's sub-center is thriving, grasslands in Inner Mongolia are splendid, the Hexi Corridor, after thousands of years, is teeming with new life. The winding Yellow River, where the sky is high and waters are wide, sometimes turbulent, sometimes calm; on both banks of the Huangpu River, there is plenty and prosperity, and ribbons of light shine in the night. Everything is flourishing across our motherland. I traced the routes of China's revolution to strengthen my original aspiration. From Yudu in Jiangxi province where the Red Army gathered for their Long March, to the Revolution Museum in Xinxian county in Henan province, the former capital of the Hubei-Henan-Anhui revolutionary base, from the Monument to the West Route Army in Gaotai, Gansu province, to the revolutionary memorial site in the Fragrant Hills in Beijing, all these places aroused many feelings and thoughts in my mind. Our original aspiration and mission are our inexhaustible source of motivation during our Long March of the new era.

同往常一樣,我無論多忙,都要抽時間到鄉親們中走一走看一看。大家跟我說了很多心里話,我一直記在心上。云南貢山獨龍族群眾、福建壽寧縣下黨鄉的鄉親、“王杰班”全體戰士、北京體育大學研究生冠軍班同學、澳門小朋友和義工老人,給我寫了信。我在回信中肯定了大家取得的成績,也表達了良好祝愿。As usual, no matter how busy I was, I spent time visiting people in the countryside. People shared many of their innermost thoughts with me, and I always keep them in mind. I have also received letters from villagers of the Dulong ethnic group in Gongshan, Yunnan province; residents of Xiadang township, Shouning County in Fujian province; soldiers of the Wang Jie Squad; the graduate students of the Class of Champions at Beijing Sport University; and children and senior volunteers from Macao. In my reply letters, I applauded the achievements they had made and sent my best wishes.

一年來,許多人和事感動著我們。一輩子深藏功名、初心不改的張富清,把青春和生命獻給脫貧事業的黃文秀,為救火而捐軀的四川木里31名勇士,用自己身體保護戰友的杜富國,以十一連勝奪取世界杯冠軍的中國女排……許許多多無怨無悔、傾情奉獻的無名英雄,他們以普通人的平凡書寫了不平凡的人生。Over the past year, many people and their stories touched us deeply. Zhang Fuqing has kept a low profile and stayed true to his original heart despite the great contributions he's made to the nation; Huang Wenxiu dedicated her youth and life to poverty alleviation; 31 firefighters sacrificed their lives in the line of duty in Muli, Sichuan province; Du Fuguo sacrificed himself to protect his teammates; China's Women's National Volleyball Team won the World Cup in an eleven-match winning streak. Numerous unsung heroes, with neither complaint nor regret, work with dedication. They are ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

2019年,中國繼續張開雙臂擁抱世界。我們主辦了第二屆“一帶一路”國際合作高峰論壇、北京世界園藝博覽會、亞洲文明對話大會、第二屆中國國際進口博覽會,向世界展示了一個文明、開放、包容的中國。我同很多國家元首和政府首腦會晤,分享了中國主張,增進了友誼,深化了共識。世界上又有一些國家同我國建交,我國建交國達到180個。我們的朋友遍天下!In the year of 2019, China continued to open its arms wide to embrace the world. We hosted the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition, the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, and the second China International Import Expo, showcasing a civilized, open and inclusive China to the rest of the world. I held meetings with many heads of state and government, sharing with them China's proposals, promoting friendship and deepening consensus. A few countries joined hands with us. The number of countries that have diplomatic ties with China now stands at 180. We have friends in every corner of the world.

2020年是具有里程碑意義的一年。我們將全面建成小康社會,實現第一個百年奮斗目標。2020年也是脫貧攻堅決戰決勝之年。沖鋒號已經吹響。我們要萬眾一心加油干,越是艱險越向前,把短板補得再扎實一些,把基礎打得再牢靠一些,堅決打贏脫貧攻堅戰,如期實現現行標準下農村貧困人口全部脫貧、貧困縣全部摘帽。2020 will be a year of milestone significance. We will finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and realize the first centenary goal. 2020 will also be a year of decisive victory for the elimination of poverty. The bugle has sounded. United as one, we shall work harder. The greater the difficulties, the further we advance, strengthening our weak links even more and laying a more solid foundation to win the hard battle against poverty with determination, to lift all impoverished rural residents and counties out of poverty by current standards as scheduled.

前幾天,我出席了澳門回歸祖國20周年慶?;顒?,我為澳門繁榮穩定感到欣慰。澳門的成功實踐表明,“一國兩制”完全行得通、辦得到、得人心。近幾個月來,香港局勢牽動著大家的心。沒有和諧穩定的環境,怎會有安居樂業的家園!真誠希望香港好、香港同胞好。香港繁榮穩定是香港同胞的心愿,也是祖國人民的期盼。Several days ago, I attended the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland and felt heartened for the prosperity and stability in Macao. The successful practice of Macao indicates that the principle of "one country, two systems" is fully applicable, achievable, and popular. In recent months, our hearts have been concerned about the situation in Hong Kong. Without a harmonious and stable environment, how can there be a home where people can live and work happily! We sincerely hope for the best for Hong Kong and Hong Kong compatriots. Hong Kong's prosperity and stability is the wish of Hong Kong compatriots and the expectation of people of our motherland.

歷史長河奔騰不息,有風平浪靜,也有波濤洶涌。我們不懼風雨,也不畏險阻。中國將堅定不移走和平發展道路,堅定不移維護世界和平、促進共同發展。我們愿同世界各國人民攜起手來,積極共建“一帶一路”,推動構建人類命運共同體,為創造人類美好未來而不懈努力。Human history, like a river, runs forever, witnessing both peaceful moments and great disturbances. We are not afraid of winds and rains, or any kind of difficulties. China is determined to walk along the road of peaceful development and will resolutely safeguard world peace and promote common development. We are willing to join hands with people of all countries in the world to build together the Belt and Road Initiative, and push forward the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, and make unremitting efforts for the creation of a beautiful future for mankind.

此時此刻,還有許多人在堅守崗位,許多人在守護平安,許多人在辛勤勞作。大家辛苦了!At this moment, many people are still at their posts, many people are safeguarding peace and security, and many people are working tirelessly. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

讓我們只爭朝夕,不負韶華,共同迎接2020年的到來。Let's seize the day and live it to the full, and greet the arrival of the year 2020 together.

祝大家新年快樂!I wish you all a happy new year!